The benefits of Aloe Vera for skin

The benefits of Aloe Vera for skin
The benefits of Aloe Vera for skin

What is Aloe Vera good for skin? Yes, plants have latin aloe vera it turns out is one of the best natural ingredients for skin health.

In addition to providing anti aging effects, Aloe Vera is also effective to address acne, sores, and even burns due to sun exposure and wrinkles. But before you try Aloe Vera on the skin, consult your dermatologist first if your skin can tolerate it.

There is an important note, Aloe Vera can irritate the skin when used inappropriately. So before you try, be sure to consult with your dermatologist.

Well, as quoted Boldsky, Monday (31/8/2015), here are some of the benefits of Aloe Vera which can nourish the skin, namely:

1. prevents wrinkles

The antioxidant content in Aloe Vera gel, can help keep the humidity of the skin and make it look youthful. In fact, it can be the best anti-aging product.

2. Shine

Aloe Vera is often used as a facial cleanser. Any trusted Aloe Vera gel can make facial skin shine.

3. Acne

Not only overcome the skin wrinkles, Aloe Vera can also be useful in dealing with acne. Take part in Aloe Vera, blend and apply on the skin before bed. In addition to the acne is gone, the skin will also become soft.

4. Moisturizing

As moisturized, the active ingredient in Aloe Vera is safe to use for sensitive skin and skin breakouts.

5. black spots or Flecks

Aloe Vera can minimize the appearance of stubborn dark spots on your skin.

Natural skin care with Aloe Vera Gel

Natural skin care with Aloe Vera Gel
Natural skin care with Aloe Vera Gel

This soft fleshy plants can not only be used as a natural herb in treating various types of diseases. Because compounds in Aloe Vera is useful as a natural facial skin care.

The gel of Aloe Vera is often found in beauty products, such as face cream, shampoo, and lotion. But you can also use Aloe Vera gel directly without having to mix it in other beauty products. As reported by the Boldsky page, Friday (5/8/2016) following a series of benefits derived from Aloe Vera gel.

1. Pick your rash cara mengatasi hidung tersumbat

If you have a rash on the skin, apply Aloe Vera gel to take some. Aloe Vera Gel effectively moisturizes the skin rash. Apply it at night and let the aloe vera gel to seep to the surface of the skin overnight.

2. sunburned Skin

Sunburn which is able to burn the skin surface can be resolved with the use of Aloe Vera gel.

3. Prevent Aging

Aloe Vera gel is gentle is able to work effectively to mengenyalkan and rejuvenate the skin of the face.

4. Prevent acne

Acne spots to grow can be prevented by applying Aloe Vera gel directly.

5. Remove scars

By applying Aloe Vera gel regularly and gradually, the scars will soon disappear.

6. Stretch marks

Combine the aloe vera gel with oil containing vitamin E–then apply it and give it a gentle massage around the area, slowly stretch marks will fade. Use before a bath twice a week for maximum results.

7. Overcome dandruff

Scalp problems not far from dandruff–with the use of hair products that contain Aloe Vera or directly mengusapkan Aloe Vera gel to the bottom surface of the scalp will help reduce dandruff.

Drinks Best Overcome Nausea

Drinks Best Overcome Nausea
Drinks Best Overcome Nausea
There are many reasons why we feel nauseous, and drink the liquid is the quickest way to resolve it.
Various parts of the body can be involved in the onset of nausea. According to dr. Lawrance Szarka, gastroenterologist (digestive), part of the ear, nose, stomach or blood, it could send a signal to the brain that something is ingested and the impact worse.
Experts believe that nausea is an evolutionary adaptation to issue food spoilage or toxic,” said Szarka.
The nausea can be caused by food poisoning or an excess of mengasup fatty foods, alcohol, or caffeine.
“Even a foul smell can also make a stomach unpalatable,” he said.
Pain due to the drive (motion sickness) are also so common cause nausea, although the cause is not yet known. But this is no relation between the mismatch between the signal of movement that comes from the eyes and inner ear,” he explained.
Obati with liquid
One way to overcome the nausea is to mengasup a particular drink. Anyone feel better after mengasup drinks, sodas, ginger or coconut water.
It is difficult to determine which are the most effective, but just listen to the signals of the body.
Our bodies are very good at telling what we need, and most people feel nauseous already better after drinking plain water,” he said.
Drinks containing sugar and soda occasionally overcome the nausea is better than plain water.
Carbonation can lower the acidity in the stomach, so nausea is reduced,” said Szarka.
Cola drinks contain phosphoric acid is also found in the drug antimualis sold freely.
In addition, other drinks are also believed to be effective is to drink ginger tea. But sometimes bottled ginger drinks contain only ginger flavoring, so that substances that eliminate the nausea is actually sugar or carbonation.
Research showed, coconut water as good with sports drinks in terms of replacing the lost fluids after exercising and also reduce the nausea.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine while nausea. Consumption of just what feels comfortable in the stomach. Sometimes, the simple things are the best choice, “he said.

Traditional therapies relieve Nausea

Traditional therapies relieve Nausea
Traditional therapies relieve Nausea

Everyone certainly never experienced nausea or vomiting at one time in his life. Whether it’s related to the pregnancy, stomach acid, cancer therapy or post-surgical condition.

Nausea is a health condition that is generally harmless, but can be very interfere with daily activities.

The good news, the symptoms of nausea is relatively easy to overcome. Some herbs and traditional therapies, scientifically proven able to extrude dizziness and nausea quickly and effectively. makanan penyebab kantuk
1. Ginger

Chinese tradition has been to use ginger to treat a variety of digestive problems and pain for more than 2.000 years.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, is still not clear how ginger reduces nausea, but the researchers are confident the active component of gingerol in ginger one who works in the central nervous system and the digestive system alleviates the nausea.
2. Peppermint

Like ginger, pepermint is traditional medicine to help relieve nausea and indigestion.

Still according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, both in the form of peppermint oil or tea leaves, or has nature relaxes the muscles of the stomach and cause numbing effect. Two things this is what beneficial eliminates the nausea and vomiting You desire.
3. Acupuncture and acupressure

Practitioners of health in China has practiced the science of pressure on some points of the body to manipulate and overcome physical symptoms, including nausea, for thousands of years, Acupuncturists insert needles are long and thin into the skin at specific points of the body.

Many scientists believe, the needle can stimulate certain nerves in the body, which then send signals to the brain to release a hormones reduce pain and nausea.

When the researchers compared acupuncture with drug nausea for cancer patients, they found that acupuncture is more effective.

Acupuncture also reduce the need for drug antimuntah after chemotherapy, according to a study by 2015 are loaded in the journal Complementary Therapies.

Acupressure has the approach similar to acupuncture, with emphasis on specific points in the body. Acupuncture and acupressure help reduce nausea caused by pregnancy, cancer, and acid reflux.
4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy as capable of neutralizing the pepermint and lemon aromas contributed to cause nausea and added scents that can provide help, according to a study by 2013, published in the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia it has.

There are also studies that examine the effect of ginger-scented oil, spearmint, peppermint, cardamom and isopropyl alcohol against the surgical patients.

The researchers found that the patients who membaui the scent of ginger and pepermint, diminished sense of mualnya significantly compared with the patients who membaui isopropyl alcohol.

Why Pregnant Women Often Fatigue?

Why Pregnant Women Often Fatigue
Why Pregnant Women Often Fatigue

One of the symptoms of pregnancy that often felt there was fatigue. If this is normal? It turns out that this condition is normal in the first 12 weeks of fatigue.

However, you are always feeling tired while pregnant, need to do a variety of ways to prevent a sense of weary overload and can culminate in a health threat to the fetus and the pregnant woman.

There are many factors that cause fatigue in pregnant women. Some pregnant women experience sleep disturbances, so can not sleep for 10 to 12 hours. This condition will cause a pregnant woman not getting enough energy when waking up in the morning. Sleep disorders in pregnant women can be caused by hormonal changes and other distractions.

In some conditions, fatigue can also be caused by lifestyle. Pregnant women are prone to frequent moves and have solid activity, certainly will be more easily tired. For example while pregnant you have toddlers who certainly also need a note.

But, the lack of physical activity also caused pregnant women will be easily exhausted. So, what needs to be done?

The main thing is to rest as much as possible. At night, the try expectant mothers a break early. If it feels hard to sleep, expectant mothers can do it during the day. Make selonjor feet and relax during the day will help increase energy.

Not just a matter of rest, feeling tired while pregnant can be overcome by choosing the right foods. Pregnant women should get enough iron content and avoid foods with high sugar. Also avoid foods or drinks containing caffeine, for the process of pencernaannya thus can drain your energy.

Banishing Thoughts Of Suicide

Banishing Thoughts Of Suicide
Banishing Thoughts Of Suicide

Mind to end life will arise in one’s self when he felt desperate and feel there is no point in living anymore.

When lately you also have a mind to commit suicide, the first thing you need to remember is most people who intend to commit suicide and survive feel very relieved because they are not so ended his life. manfaat kacang tanah

When desire erupted killing themselves, they usually experience the feeling of a very desperate and do not know where to seek help. They also can’t control his life and many things not also improved.

The only thing where it can still be controlled is whether they live or die, and committed suicide seems to be the only option. But this is the wrong thoughts.

Some thought that often accompanied the suicide idea among other things, to again feel the suffering, no choice, people feel bad and unworthy of life, feel a loved one would be better off without me, and so on.

Whatever thoughts you have and how bad you feel, remember that it is not true. When the desire to commit suicide, say this to the people closest to you and do not hesitate accepting the aid.

Avoid using alcohol or drugs at the time of being sad because this will make your behavior increasingly impulsive.

Make a list of positive things about you and your life, then this list bacahlah every time a sense of desperation appears.

Alihlah thoughts of suicide by reading books, hanging out with friends or family, watch a favorite movie or comedy, talk to people you trust, as well as enough sleep (when need to drink a sleeping pill). Tundalah suicide intention at least 48 hours because you will most likely change my mind.

One of the most important thing is to find the causes of why you thought to commit suicide, for example, the presence of disorders such depression, alcohol dependence, are facing a crisis of life, or the painful memories. Discuss this with a psychiatrist who can help you determine the appropriate therapy.

Beware Of Fast-Food Menu Calories

Beware Of Fast-Food Menu Calories
Beware Of Fast-Food Menu Calories

Consumer awareness will be health and prevent obesity fast food manufacturers make prepare menus which is claimed to lower the calories. But, is there any fast food that is really healthy?

A group of researchers tried to prove it by comparing the calorie content of two fast-food restaurant which has an extensive network throughout the world, namely Mcdonalds and Subway.

This study involved 97 adults aged 12 to 21 years. All of the respondents interviewed after buying and eating fast food. The respondents are the consumers who often buy food at the restaurant was and bought with their own money without orders from the researchers.

Research using the proof of purchase to record their messages menu and calculate the number of calories contained in the food with matching information in the official Web site of the restaurant.

Of research known to calories on the dish reached 955 in the Subway and 1,038 at McDonalds.

“It turns out the calories that there is not much different and the average respondents consuming too many calories in both restaurants,” said research leader Dr. Lenard Lesser, Fielding of UCLA School of Public Health.

Adults average recommended eating around 2000 calories per day which is divided into three time meal times and twice interlude snacks or fruit. If for lunch ideally is 662 calories, then buy one menu at a fast-food restaurant certainly has been very overwhelming.

More details of the researchers explained, the sandwiches are sandwiches bought at fast food outlets contain 500-700 calories. Sweet drinks about 60-150. kalir Complementary foods such as potato chips approx. 35-200 calories.

Overall the food is bought in the two fast food outlets contain carbs quite high. Just reach out the salt intake is 1800 mg.

“Indeed we do not keep track of what is eaten after fast food including its sports. But it would be better if the meal not up to 900 calories, “Lesser said.

The biggest calorie intake at a fast-food restaurant is fried or grilled meat. The second factor was the fizzy drinks that contain high sugar.

The researchers suggest that consumers are aware of their caloric intake. If you want to fast food restaurants, better select menu with small portions of meat and a thinner and more vegetables.

Excess calorie intake plus the convenience of modern life makes a person less moving could cause an imbalance of energy in and out. The stored energy that is stored as body fat so there was overweight. Obesity itself is a cause of all diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and many more.

Tips to eat Healthier in restaurants

Tips to eat Healthier in restaurants
Tips to eat Healthier in restaurants

Researchers from Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University did three studies. Two studies focus on lunch orders online, while a third study focused on the choice of lunch in the restaurant.

In three experiments, a total of 885 students and employees tend to choose high-calorie dishes when it only has a little time to order food. manfaat sit up

Study lead author Eric m. VanEpps, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher at the Penn Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics, concluded that ordering food 1 hour or 60 minutes before lunchtime or evening arrived, able to “drastically reduce” the possibility to eat fatty foods.

Shira Lenchewski, MS, RD, nutritionist celebrity in Los Angeles, said the participants had more time to think about what food will be ordered, most likely feel more aware of them, aware at the goal of long term health, rather than participants who had only a little time to order.

As at the time of the restaurant or cafeteria are full, so that what is ordered only sheer lust, tend to like full-fat meat processed patisseries.

Healthy eating strategies can be implemented into other aspects of life. For example, when it comes to restaurants, Lenchewski suggest its clients to visit your restaurant online menu before heading to the restaurant.

“This really helps prevent us from ordering food menu, just because everyone else looks delicious eating the menu.”

“In addition, avoid ordering food when the stomach is very hungry. Because it is almost impossible to distinguish where the food is worth eating and not, “Lenchewski said.

“So, the contents of your stomach with a little healthy snacks like nuts before ordering food.”

How to Pokemon GO Played In Smartphone

Although there’s no definite news of the word once Pokemon Niantic GO are going to be discharged in Dutch East Indies, however now Pokemon GO will be compete by some lucky WHO|people that|folks that|those that|those who} registered within the trial and people who ar in America, Australia and New Zealand. different gamers outside the countries mentioned on top of however need to play Pokemon GO hack app GO should transfer via the APK file (way down below, scroll only). some, however ya fun of enjoying a Pokemon game on smartphone GO?

How to Play the Pokemon Game move into Smartphone

With the sport Pokemon holding GO trial this, we are able to apprehend what it takes to play Pokemon move into smartphones. To be ready to play Pokemon GO, all you wish is associate humanoid smartphone or a minimum of a minimum of four.4 KitKat iPhone five with iOS eight.2. Next, you wish a Gmail account to be ready to play Pokemon GO. Naturally, if Pokemon GO needs a Gmail account, as a result of the sport is fronted by one one who is that the creator of Google Earth.

For business gameplay, Pokemon GO would require you to explore the encircling surroundings so as to find and catch Pokémon. curiously Pokémon can you catch it simply merely be monitored via smartphone screen due to increased Reality brought this game. Pokémon can seem within the acceptable surroundings of their sort, similar to water-type Pokémon solely seem close to the pool, and an area choked with water courses.

When you ar within the native surroundings of bound Pokémon, your smartphone can vibrate as a proof that there ar Pokémon around you. And you’ll directly use the smartphone screen as a method to throw the Master Ball. Imagine the fun of enjoying a Pokemon GO !?

How To transfer Pokemon move into Dutch East Indies

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Health disorders caused by Stress


Although stress is an emotional condition, in fact it was very affecting our physical condition. Not a few diseases that plagued the body turned out to be triggered by stress.

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms of this, the most likely cause is the prolonged stress which has not been completely resolved.

1. Red Rash and itching
When your skin is suddenly filled with a reddish rash and itching as well, the cause is not always an allergy but also stress. When the body undergoes excessive stress (either short or long term), the immune system would be chaotic and the body begins to release histamine to fight against the “enemy”.

If stress has not yet died down, we will experience the allergic reactions and symptoms biasanay felt in the skin. When our immune system is weakened by stress, skin is easily irritated by things that previously did not make a sensitive, for example, SOAP, hot or cold air, lotion, SOAP or detergent.

2. Weight fluctuate
“The stress triggers release of the hormone cortisol, which interferes with the body’s ability to process blood sugar and also changed the way the metabolism of fat, protein, and kaborhidrat, so that the resulting weight goes up or down,” said Shanna Levine, general practitioner.

Stress also makes a person have unhealthy eating patterns, either excessive or precisely lost appetite.

3. recurrent headaches
If you previously rarely suffer from headaches but lately the head often feels heavy and pain, it could be Your stress. Stress hormones can cause changes in the nerves and blood vessels of the brain, thus triggering a headache. When stressed, the muscles are also more tense so that trigger headaches.

4. problematic Digestive
Stress can interfere with the function of channel of cerna. It causes the body produce more stomach acid so that attacks a sense of heat in the chest (heart burn).

“It could be the process of hollowing out the food in the stomach slows down so that we experience bloating, or increased contractions of the colon that result in diarrhea,” said Deborah Rhodes, doctors from the Mayo Clinic in the disease.

5. Easily infected with flu
The stress already will surely suppress the immune system so that we are so easily hurt. The research also shows, people who are experiencing stress were twice as likely to experience pain flu compared to that does not stress.